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Journalist, trainer, editor; storyteller; amateur historian.


  1. The NUJ is a complete far-left waste of space. I joined as a poorly paid sub-editor who, together with other poorly paid colleagues, tried to set up a chapel. Did I get any support from the leadership? Of course not, as they were too busy pontificating on national and international politics instead of supporting their members. I cancelled my membership within months and will never rejoin.

    1. Sorry to hear that David. In all my 46 years with the NUJ I have had the occasional disagreements with NEC members and officials, but in the main I have found them helpful and supportive.
      I don’t know what branch/industrial sector you would have been linked to, but very often it is fellow branch members who can provide the support needed when setting up chapels. Do try again sometime.

  2. David, I’m sorry about your experience of the NUJ but have to say it’s nothing like my own. I’ve been a member for over 40 years and, in my experience, it’s always been there when needed. As for ‘pontificating,’ I’d argue that lobbying Parliament over legislation which would hamper the right of journalists to tell truth to power is vitally important, just as organising members into chapels is. Journalists have never needed the NUJ more; if you’re still working in the industry I’d encourage you to give it another try.

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