The University of the West of England invited The MediaWise Trust onto its campus to help boost its Journalism provision in 2007, and offered me work as part of the package, but later abandoned the Trust.

2007- 2017: Senior Lecturer: Journalism (part-time) Bristol School of Film & Journalism, Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries & Education, UWE, Bristol

Masters programme (I was briefly Programme Manager MA Journalism) teaching: Ethics & News Practice; Investigative Journalism; Journalism Writing; Media Law & Ethics; Reporting Journalism; Journalism Writing; Work Placement

Undergraduate programme teaching: Civic Journalism; Ethics & News Practice; Journalism Fieldwork; Journalism Foundations; Journalism Print Production; Journalism Writing; Local & Global Journalism; Media Law & Ethics; Media Regulation & Law; Work placement

2006-2012: Visiting Professor in Media Ethics, University of Lincoln

Since 1985: Visiting Lecturer at more than 40 Further & Higher Education institutions in England, Belgium, China, Egypt, Georgia, Ireland, Lithuania, Sri Lanka, Scotland, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Morocco & Wales, covering topics as varied as Children’s Rights; Community development; Diversity; Hate speech; Human Rights; Irish history; Journalism; Local history; Media ethics; Media regulation; Photojournalism; Press freedom; Reporting asylum-Seekers & refugees; Reporting children; Coverage of Roma, Gypsies & Travellers; Suicide coverage.

Mike J

Journalist, trainer, editor; storyteller; amateur historian.

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